QGEMS Energy Network

For installers or Third Party Intermediaries, we are able to provide a ‘single pane of glass’ overview of all their customers, as well as a detailed analysis of their efficiency, performance and how to add value within the ecosystem.

Our software is a horizontal platform providing critical infrastructure, connecting all elements of the energy ecosystem.  This brings an entirely new dynamic to the marketplace allowing TPIs and installers to maintain an efficient, value-add relationship with customers and real-time data to optimise performance.

A person installing a solar panel

QGEMS Home Installer Dashboard

Main Dashboard

A “single pane of glass” overview of customers, energy assets and alerts.

Customer Overview

Provides visibility of customer’s energy generation capability and actual energy generation as well as ROI.

Virtual Power Plant

Allows grouping customers or buildings into virtual power plants for collaboration and network energy management, as well as viewing net performance of specific projects.

Environment Social Governance (ESG) Reporting

Generates customer ESG reports, such as Energy Performance Certificates (EPC - shown above), using our high-fidelity data and advises how to make properties more energy efficient.

Customer Energy Tariff Management

View customer tariffs and advise on the most suitable tariff for their needs. QGEMS platform can make the transfer as simple as possible and in as few as 5 days.

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