Empowering Our Users to Save on Home Energy

We empower you to live and grow your best life using sustainable energy to lower costs and protect the planet, whether you own your home or not.

A home with solar panels

Your current energy system is costing you a lot. QGEMS will save you money, time and worries.

Current Systems Are Neither Intelligent Nor Efficient

They cannot predict the household’s energy requirements.

There is no knowledge or prediction of energy prices.

Energy is not sold strategically and typically not at the best price.

When energy demand is at its highest there is little or no clean energy production making grid energy prices their highest. The opposite is true when demand is low.

Reducing energy cost is paramount given the global energy crisis we are all dealing with today.  QGEMS is revolutionising electrification and the energy landscape by harnessing the power of advanced AI|ML and data security, to ensure efficient, sustainable, and intelligent energy management solutions.  These solutions drive innovation, reduce environmental impact, and improve the quality of life for all energy users by lowering costs.

Gordon Winston, CEO

Our Vision

We enable smarter, cleaner energy use for a sustainable future

Our Purpose

We drive the transition to sustainable energy management and significant cost savings to empower communities and businesses worldwide.

Revolutionising Energy Management

QGEMS offers immediate solutions for managing home and commercial energy, facilitating connectivity among energy components, microgrids, and existing energy grids to create a smart grid.

Driving innovation and providing a robust platform for seamless integration, real-time monitoring, and data-driven decision-making within regulatory frameworks. QGEMS promotes a digital energy ecosystem focused on future innovation, education, and social impact.

a house with a solar panel on the roof

Energy Management

Providing immediate cost savings for homes and businesses.

a building with a green wall on the side

Sustainability and ESG

Significantly streamlining Sustainability and ESG reporting for commercial properties with ML-driven analytics and user-centric solutions.

a large field of solar panels

Energy Provenance

Ensuring the origin and journey of energy are certified and verified through secure, tamper-proof audits and advanced data protection to provide the best possible energy trading.

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