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QGEMS and Solis Power Inc. signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) to develop a strategic partnership

February 26, 2024
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QGEMS and Solis Power Inc have launched a strategic partnership following the signing of a Letter of Intent. The partnership will leverage QGEMS smart grid solution and network management framework to enhance Solis Power’s innovative concentrated solar power systems which integrates thermal energy storage.

Solis Power and QGEMS can support community energy transition by leveraging the Solis ASC and QGEMS solutions which can support modular and distributed heat and power generation. The combined Solis ASC+QGEMS system includes long duration thermal energy storage to support load following, peaking, and baseload heat and power applications. Solis Power can provide up to three times the kWh/kWp of Solar PV potential shown in typical solar resource maps. As a result, we can support long term growth on a smaller footprint with minimal land preparation and infrastructure requirements. We seek to partner with communities to support energy transition and economic development goals.

Our leading edge hardware will now become even more effective in delivering significant energy solutions. The enhanced performance from integrating QGEMS critical infrastructure will significantly accelerate the return on investment for each project as well as optimizing outputs. I am very excited by this partnership.

Dr. Chris Ford, founder and CEO of Solis Power

This LOI illustrates how collaboration between cutting edge hardware and software becomes game-changing in the acceleration of clean energy in.  We are particularly excited about providing our full stack software platform for large scale solar powerplant projects around the world.

Gordon Winston, CEO of QGEMS

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